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The effects of Obamacare

Okay, President Obama has his healthcare, safe and secure.

So, what does this mean to me? 

Well, number one, I don’t have insurance. Haven’t had any for a little over a year. Why? Because I can’t afford it. Fortunately, my husband is a veteran so we are covered for him. But if something happens to me, it’s out of pocket, which can be pretty darn expensive.

Now, I am going to be charged a percentage of my income for a “tax” because I do not have healthcare. It’s not that I CHOOSE to go without but that makes no difference. So, if I pay this “tax” does that mean I suddenly HAVE healthcare?? No, it means I don’t have insurance and I’m going to be further away from having insurance because now I have to pay more in taxes, leaving less money for insurance!! What a run around!!

Oh, wait, and the business that I may work which currently can’t afford health insurance for their employees might have one employee eligible for health insurance so the business will now be taxed a non refundable tax if the don’t carry health insurance for their employees . . . . . . oops, the company now has no choice but to close . . . . how many people just lost their jobs? 

Oh, and the health insurance companies will have another tax tacked on “relative to health insurance premiums collected that year” causing the insurance companies to raise the fees on everyone to pay for the loss in revenue due to the taxes . . . . . causing more people to be unable to afford health insurance . . . . . . causing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .when will it end? 

The one good thing is that the number of jobs will grow . . . . in the insurance industry!! Good going, President Obama. 

Now, when are we going to start forcing people to buy house insurance?? After all, this raises everyones taxes, too, everytime there is a flood, a hurricane, a fire, an earthquake, the disaster funds have to go out, causing more debt and more in taxes. Well, it’s time we made people responsible for themselves, right? So, they should have to have health insurance, life insurance, car insurance (oh, and that includes coverage for the non-insured or under-insured), house insurance, dental insurance, etc, etc, etc, etc. 

The federal government has overstepped it’s limitations far too often. It’s time that the plug is pulled!!



5 Responses to “The effects of Obamacare”

  1. I am so sad about this decision. Obama needs to go. I watched his speach after the vote was revealed and he was glowing and still saying this is not a tax….what a liar. Supreme Court said it is a tax. Not the first time he has called someone on the supreme court a liar. You are right and THIS TAX LAW IS TOTALLY WRONG. You can post my comment as I do not care who knows how I feel. Thank you for having the guts to blog about this and I am doing my own blog on this subject. Will send you the link when I get it done.

    • You are so right, CC!! Just hope that this blow will galvanize the opposing forces to vote him out!! Yes, he is my President but he has lost any lingering respect I may have had. He has tried and has succeeded in turning our country into more of a socialist country. Hard to recognize anymore, aren’t we?

  2. My mother and I came to this country when I was 5 yrs old and she couldn’t wait till we became citizens because this country was such a land of opportunity. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to grow up under Hitler’s rule and, trust me, she had nothing nice to say about a socially fair collective!! This ruling was a horrible blow to this country and I am firmly convinced the whole damn system is corrupt as hell. Sorry but that is how I see it. Taking my tax dollars for everything and anything. Next will be a damn tax on my air!!!

  3. Since I have been visiting Drs regularly these days….they tell me they are feeling the effects of bamacare already …. getting tests done is getting more difficult. It’s a sad day! I just did a blog post that you will like to read.

  4. I love reading through an article that can make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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