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I have become a Protester

So, the other night, my hubby and I were traveling back from Billings, Montana to our home in Woodward, Iowa. Well, actually it’s between Madrid and Woodward because we live in the country.

We had started about 10 a.m. CST and had driven straight through, which is our preferred method. Sassy, our pooch was safe in her kennel in the back of the truck. Yes, it does have a topper and we even wrapped the kennel so she wouldn’t get cold. And no, she didn’t utter a peep!

Please keep in mind that we both have grey to white hair, wear glasses, and we have been eating and drinking as we drive so there are a lot of wrappers and tea bottles. The back of the truck was full of suitcases, kennel, dog food, a Sykes rocker that I had my dad re-glue and an office chair. The back seat (extended cab) was full of pillows, coats and a suit hanging over the window.

Now we have been driving with our bright lights on, all the way after it got dark. Considering the pieces of deer that were littering the interstate from Wyoming through Iowa, we were NOT taking any chances. Hardly anyone even noticed!! The interstates today are far apart enough that unless you have those really luminous blue lights, it shouldn’t bother anyone. And most people can adjust the rear view mirror. Anyway, we did NOT want to hit a deer!

We drove through Madrid, our last town before home. Of course, we did not speed (one does NOT speed through Madrid and get away with it). But as we came around the corner, my hubby noticed the deputy sheriff sitting along the side. Thinking that there was no problem, we continued only to see flashing lights behind us. Well, we pulled over.

After several minutes, the deputy got out and approached our window. My hubby already had his license out. The deputy kindly informed us our headlight was out. Well, since we had been using the bright lights, we hadn’t really noticed when we lowered the beams in Madrid. And besides that we were getting pretty bleary eyed. We told him thank you.

He then asked for hubby’s license, our registration, and our insurance form. I dug the stuff out of the glove compartment (digging through the plastic spoons, Wet Ones and napkins). Hubby handed them to the deputy. He took everything back to his vehicle and called it all in. And by the way, this isn’t some big diesel truck that sounds tough, it’s a ’94 Toyota with a topper, bright red!! Rear wheel drive!!

After almost another 15-20 minutes we were allowed to continue on our way. Now, I realize he must have been bored out of his mind but really!! Our license plate even states “VETERAN”!! He had already asked WHERE we had been and WHERE were we going! And we told him . . . . we had been in Montana to see my dad and were driving home (another 4 miles away!!)

Why couldn’t this deputy sheriff look at the paper work, and send us on our way? Were we threatening looking or what? Two grey haired individuals, threatening with a tea bottle that’s plastic, maybe? I just don’t get it . . . . . yet we have illegals all over this part of the state who are NEVER stopped or questioned!!

I am a little bent out of shape and thinking about it doesn’t make it go away. So, I thought perhaps if I tell my story, maybe a police officer will see it and give me an explanation as to why all the rigmarole!!

Thank you for listening to me rant and rave!!!


5 Responses to “I have become a Protester”

  1. Certainly over did it a bit too much. I would have been mad too. 😦

    • Yay for you Amy, people don’t have to be treated this way for no reason.. I told you how they treated my husband for going maybe 10 to 12 inches over the white line to veer away from an oncoming car crossing the lane towards us.. Very rude to my husband who does not drink or get rowdy, you have my support..

  2. They do it because they can. That’s why you see so many posts about the 99% on my FaceBook wall. They just want to make sure you know who is in charge.

    What clearly should have been a warning (least) or a fix it ticket (at most), this cop simply wanted to make sure YOU knew that HE was in charge.

    I’m so sorry it happened to you and your love.


  3. Thank you for posting this – you trouble-maker you!! 😉 Even though most police officers are probably there to actually help the public, it just takes a few bad apples with a testosterone (or lack thereof) problem to leave a bad taste in your mouth. And THANK YOU for trying to avoid wildlife…I know they would hug you for it if they could..

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