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Vintage Pins Have New Purpose

Have you taken a closer look at old vintage pins and broaches to see what is possible? No, probably not. A lot of people consider them a thing of the past.

I saw a program today about the new hair styles. Guess what some of the suggestions were for hair ornaments? Old vintage pins! That opens a brand new door for those that love unique, beautiful, hair ornaments!

Take a look at these beauties! These are listed on OLA.com! Just type in vintage pin and wah-lah! A whole bevy of gorgeous pins that you can use for fun or to dress up! Prices, of course, vary but you can get some super great deals!!

And speaking of deals, you can also find some great bargains at the Terrific Tuesday Sales!! Just go to OLA.com, click on Community (upper right). You will need to provide a username and password. Then go to Special Sales Events. You will see the Terrific Tuesday Sales!! Doesn’t cost a thing to browse OR if you are a seller, to sell!!! And don’t forget to stop in at Korn Kountry Treasures  and browse!

So, take a peek at these and drool!!! They are available!!


5 Responses to “Vintage Pins Have New Purpose”

  1. Korny, I was intrigued by your subject so just for fun I did a google of New Purpose of vintage brooches pins. Now this is where I was dumfounded because of the small amount of time that has lapsed since you posted. There you were on the 3rd page 3rd down!

    Now that’s FAST! If I had just put purpose vintage pins…you were in the NUMBER 0NE POSITION. I am just thrilled and wish everyone would do a blog and leave comments on others.

    Way to go cutie…..we all need to blog. Good job, by the way!!!!

  2. I inherited alot of my 96 year old Grandma’s jewelry collection about 5 years ago & noticed that she has quite a bit of this type of jewelry in her collection. There is quite a bit of Sarah Coventry from the 1960’s that she loved. I am going to go through it and see what I can do with it…Great idea!

  3. WOW, Lynn, do you sell them somewhere? I would sure have a whale of a good time looking through all your pins.

  4. Love vintage pins they make great accessories on scarfs and coats and on and on.
    Nice job and just a note some earrings that don’t have a mate can also be used as cute clips for coats and scarfs too, if you have both clipons they make great shoe clips.

  5. Those are really pretty pins. I used to use clip on earrings on my shoes too. Never thought about the hair. Thanks for sharing.

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