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Tutorial for How to Post In What’s for Sale on OLA.

This is a tutorial to post in the chats, change color and font size, add pictures and links.

First, select the chat you wish to post in-I selected “What’s for Sale on OLA” because this is where it is beneficial to have a picture and a link to your auction.

Click on New Topic

Copy the complete title from your listing and put it in the subject line. This will be found by search engines, giving you free advertising!

Type the message in the body. Note the arrows for subject and also the arrows pointing to the boxes.

The boxes are for Bold, Italics, Underlined and over to the right, Image, and URL. I never use the Quote, List and List= so I can’t describe these.

First I highlighted the complete sentence that I wanted to change. I then clicked on the B box. Note there is a beginning code and an ending code. This is automatic as soon as you click the B. I will highlight the ENTIRE sentence again (along with the code) and then click the i box. I will repeat the highlight again and then click the U box. This will give me a bold, underlined italics style.

Now I am going to change the color. I highlight the ENTIRE sentence, including the code. I click on Default drop down box and then select the color. I have chosen Violet.

Now, I am going to change the font size. I highlight everything and then click on the Normal drop down box. I select Large.

I am now ready to add the picture.

I select the IMG box and click once. I have two screens open. One with the chat that I am posting on and one with the listing I have chosen.

I go back to my listing and RIGHT click. Please note the Properties. I will click on this to get the code or address for my picture.

I will highlight the address and copy into the chat posting after the (img) then click on the IMG box once more to close. (This is NOT automatic. The IMG isn’t automatic, either. You have to click these again to close). You can then just click on the cancel on the Properties to back out.

Now, I want to add the link so someone can just click on it to go to the actual listing. I will click on the URL* box once. Then I will go back to the listing.

I’ve highlighted the address as shown and copied into my post after the (URL) then I will click on the URL* once more to close.

This is how it should look so far:

Ok, for the fun of it, I’ll add a smiley!

OK, I am ready!! Now all I have to do is click Preview at the bottom to see how it is going to appear!!! If I need to make changes, I do so and hit Preview again until I am satisfied!!

This is what I have done so far. The address at the bottom of the post will take someone directly to my listing!! Now I just click on Submit and I am done!!

Now to complete the picture and give people a link to your store or listings see the Chat Set Up so that you can have your link post automatically at the bottom every time you post in the chats!!!

I do apologize for the crooked circles and any misspellings I may have missed!! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to do so!!

Korn Kountry Treasures


2 Responses to “Tutorial for How to Post In What’s for Sale on OLA.”

  1. Very nicely done!! 😀

  2. Thank you! For my first attempt at a tutorial, it was kinda fun!!

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